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Time Island
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Millarville Racetrack, Millarville, AB Canada
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Time Island

Time Island is a two day time travel festival that celebrates history, literature, theatre, fantasy, and pop-culture.

 In support of Can Praxis again this year, Time Island is held on the beautiful, forested grounds of the Millarville Racetrack, in Millarville Alberta Canada, just 20 minutes outside of Calgary and the World Class Spruce Meadows Equestrian venue. The somewhat remote location of the event removes visitors from the lights of the big city to feel like they are transported to another world – and into the story and fantasy of Time Island.

An immersive interactive experience is what makes Time Island different from other festivals – it’s the first-of-its-kind to mix all genres of comic book pop-culture, historical re-enactors, cosplayers, actors, and fantasy lovers. Be sure to come in your favorite costume! 

Visitors of all ages become part of the elaborate and beautiful story of hope for the future, one that is full of drama, villains, heroes, time-travel, lost cultures, and cheating death. It’s a new level of themed entertainment that the creators of Time Island deliver each year.

What we're doing during COVID

Island Safety

We are closely monitoring for any changes the Province and AHS may mandate as we get closer to our event.

UPDATED Sep 13th, 2021

Time Island is limiting access to its Feast and Show to those who are double vaccinated.

You will be checked at the door and be required to show proof of vaccination either by your paper copies, or by showing your vaccinations via the MyHealth Records app available at the App Store or on Google Play.

As mandated by the provincial government, effective Sept 4th, masks are now required in all indoor public spaces and workplaces, alcohol service must end at 10:00pm, but there are no restrictions on outdoor social gatherings.  See details at COVID-19 Public Health Actions.

For our part, Time Island has taken steps to ensure that all our performers, actors, reenactors, vendors, and staff will have received their second vaccination in time for our festival and feast, and that they observe all masking, hand-washing, and – where appropriate – physical distancing protocols outlined by AHS. We encourage participation by our guests under these same guidelines.

Each and every vendor offering food or beverage has been approved by AHS including 2 YYC Food Trucks that we are bringing in for our event this year. Following current guidelines, performers and vendors may set for themselves a higher standard of precautions such as limiting the handling of their props, equipment, goods, or merchandise. Please respect their wishes and read any signage.

Time Island will follow all public safety guidelines throughout our events, there will be multiple hand sanitizing stations available around the Island, and toilets will be kept cleaned and sanitized. In addition, we will have a first aid station with a designated First Aider, as well as Island security

Watch this space for any updates

What's Happening on the Island?

Time Island Festival - Day One

Covers Saturday entry to the Island and it’s inhabitants; vendors, performers, and reenactors. Feast not included. 

Time Island Festival & Feast

Covers Saturday entry to the Island, it’s inhabitants,  and our Feast. Proof of double vaccinations for the Feast is required.

Time Island Festival - Day Two

Covers Sunday entry to the Island and it’s inhabitants; vendors, performers, and reenactors. Feast not included.

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